We have a Mothers' Union branch at St James'.

Come along to one of our meetings or contact us, and see how we support
family life with its joys and difficulties, 
you can either be
a parent or not
married or not
grandparent's or not
male or femal

 The Daytime Group meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 14.15
in the Langley Room in the Church Centre

DAYTIME MEETING                                                                                         

November 6th - Paul Giles - Faith in Action - Bible Study.                               

December 4th - Mince Pies and Carols

 The Evening Group meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 20.00 in the Roughley Suite in the Church Centre (and occasionally in members' houses) 


September 11th - Group activity - bring a newspaper article that reflects good & bad aspects of family life to discuss.                    

October 9th Eureka Drayton - Faith in Action - Unit Coordinator for Faith & Policy- her role.                                    

Oct/November - Planning Meeting for 2018                                                    

November 13th - Bible Activity - Bring an object in from the Bible with a relevant reading to share and discuss.  

December 11th - Mince pies and carols (venue to be confirmed)

 Full programme on Notice Board in Church.

Branch report for August - Faith in Action at MU

In September the Monday afternoon group met together and brought with them items that related to their memorable bible passages .We also celebrated Rosemary Barrett's 80th birthday with special refreshments, even though, unfortunately, Rosemary was unable to make it on the day.

The evening group was severely depleted due to holidays and other commitments so Paul Giles was asked to defer his visit and to come to a future meeting. Instead, we were asked to bring newspaper cuttings and other readings to discuss about things that made us concerned about, and things that encouraged us about modern family life. Lively discussions ensued although we were few in number. During refreshments, we played an 'AFIA Drive'. This was something like a beetle drive but on the throw of dice a Caravan, the sun and flowers had to be drawn! (Thanks to Tina for providing the idea and pro-forma). Margaret Williams proved to be the luckiest amongst us, winning both rounds. ('AFIA' is an MU project which supports struggling families to have a day or short break 'Away from it all'.) Lovely cake supplied by Gini with the excess going to the Wednesday morning post-service refreshments.

I have recently attended the MU Festival services at Kingsbury and at St Peter's Maney. At St Peter's we were pleased to see Sue Phelps from our church enrolled, along with two others from another church. Some of the St. Peter's MU performed a thought provoking drama based on the story of the Good Samaritan, set in present day Birmingham.

At both events, during the refreshments, I was able to present my MUe goods and managed to sell quite a bit and take orders. I have some 'old stock, sale' Christmas cards priced at £2 per pack. If you might be interested please see me. (You don't have to be an MU member to buy goods from me.) Also, regarding Christmas presents for someone 'who has everything and who truly wishes for nothing more' please consider buying them an MU Ethical gift voucher, priced at £3, £4.50, £6, £7, £10, £11 £15, £27, £48 and £65 which shows that you have bought a gift on their behalf which will do someone, somewhere a great deal of good.

Visitors are most welcome to come along to the meetings which are held at
St. James
' Church Centre at 14.15 on the first Monday of the month and the second Monday of the month at 20.00 in the Roughley Suite, St. James' Centre. For more information please ring Gini Ursell on 308 1725.

    Diocese Newsletter - please click on link below

http://www.stjameshill.org/MU October Newsletter 2017.pdf


If you like knitting and enjoy a natter. Mothers' Union Outreach would like to invite you to attend a once a month knitters get together to make premature baby garments, Twiddle Mufflers, incubator blankets, etc. for the Birmingham Maternity Hospitals and Residential homes.

Venue: The Foyer, St. James Church Centre.

Time: 11.15am

Date:  the next meeting is cancelled, until Brenda is well enough
to run the session. 

 For details contact: Brenda Daish on 0121 308 1598 (Patterns & wool provided)

 Busy Hands Quilters - a MU project

Next meeting Tuesday 17th October 
at 2pm in the Roughley Suite at the Church Centre
Fabrics provided

(No meeting in September, due to holidays)
Then every 3rd Tuesday of each month, same time, same place.

Making fiddle/activity quilts, to be given to Good Hope Hospital, for those living with Dementia.

If you enjoy sewing and would like to be involved in this group give Gwen a ring.
Materials will be provided, however, you will work at home
and at your own pace. Open to everyone, not just MU members.
Contact Gwen for more details 0121 308 6691



Mother's Union has a growing membership of 4 million Women & men,
in over 80 countries worldwide. Working together to support families.

St James, Hill  Mother's Union are a friendly group of ladies and men
and are involved in the following projects: 

  • Worldwide projects - overseas development, provide networks to support
    and empower
    women to tackle their family poverty
  • Baby projects - knitting blankets, cribs and garments for pre mature babies
  • Assist Midwives- with knitted breasts
  • Knit teddies to send to children in need of comfort
  • Campaigning for justice - we campaign locally, nationally and internationally
    for social justice
  • Helping to support the vulnerable and marginalise -
    supplying clothes, food and household goods
  • Parenting Groups -Birmingham MU has volunteer parenting facilitators,
    trained to national standards
  • Women's Aid projects
  • Prison projects - MU volunteers work in Birmingham Prison and Swinfen Hall Young Offenders Institute providing crèches to help visiting families
  • Holidays 'Away from it all' - we help fund holidays or away days for lone parents, those living in refuges and inner city holiday clubs.

MU Long service awards July 2017




MU Summer Outing July 2017

Photos from June 2015

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                                                  Wave of Prayer 2017


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http://www.stjameshill.org/Programme revised 2017.pdf

Contact details Gini Ursell 0121 308 1725